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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  January 4, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the exact opposite. in fact, he would become the first head coach for them to join the redskins with a super bowl trophy, already on their resume since vince took over the skins in 1969. of course, mike shanahan is on the verge of taking over this team. the redskins, once again, wasting no time to fill out the vacancies. just hours after the hasty middle of the night hours. and shanahan, touching down the redskins one. and the two-time super bowl winning coach, spending 14 seasons at the helm of the broncos. the ten year that ended in 2008. and they are not confirming that shanahan is their man. they danced around the character trade that they are looking for in a coach. >> we need to find the passion that they are doing and a winning coach that could come in that they are leasing to them earlier. >> the position is the leadership position for them and somebody that has a passion for the game of football. who could communicate with the players and to get them to perform well. >> and i want someone who
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embraces the redskins history. >> and shanahan, they are believed to be out to dinner with them and the other redskins executives. bringing in my partner, sarah walsh. this is all leading us a little time to say good-bye. >> and you can debate whether that is the head coach for the football team that he was a great guy that does not show up. >> and they arrived here at nine this morning, already knowing that their coach would be long gone. and produce allen, gathering the players together for a meeting that lasted less than 10 minutes. challenging them all to do better. but many express the remorse of their action this year that were not enough to keep zorn employed. >> it's kind of exciting as you have been around for the last couple of years, for their families and you know, they have gotten real close with their coaches. and that is definitely a tough situation. >> my thing as the players make the plays and coaches, they don't play the game. and we've got to go
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out there to do all the things on the field. and you know, it's a better situation for coach zorn and everybody. >> it's sad to know that they are gone for their family. and things that are not going to be the same for them. i wish them luck. >> reporter: and a lot of the players are now going to be offseason, uneasy. because they don't know. even the guys under the contract, they don't know if they will fit in to the new regime. >> yeah, he'll suppositively have a lot to say. much more on the new head coach. the one that we presume to be the new head coach. and just who is he? is he the right guy for them? and for now, we're live at redskins park. lesli, back to you. >> the red skáeupb fans are weighing in -- redskins fans are weighing in on the ux pecked changes. they have been chilly for them. and the new head coach that coached their last game on sunday's loss in san diego. more coaching dismissals, they are probably on the way. and a few people, they felt like jason campbell will be under the center next year although that they cannot agree on whether they deserve another chance with a new offensive
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line. >> and i would like to see pete campbell. and you know, he's the young quarterback. and they need something to really work for them. >> and you know, a nice guy. is he winning? is that winning for us? >> what would you do for us? >> i would redo the whole thing. redo the whole thing. >> right now, i would adjust that. >> they couldn't find any dan snider fans. most of them blame the team owner for the redskins demise. and right now, they are making headlines for the wizards. and for the recent prosecutors and restoring the guns out there at the verizon center. and in a written statement, i'm very sorry for the affect of my serious laps and judgment that had on my team and my teammates and the national basketball association and their fans. now, it also states that he bought four unloaded guns to their locker to try to keep them
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away from their children. and there have been reports that the arenas and a teammate drew guns over a gambling date. as for that matter, arenas said on december 21, he took those guns out of the locker to play jokes on a teammate, but denies threatening anyone. more signs in the hole of the security bubble he's suppose to protect the president of the united states. the secret service just admitted today that they let in a third uninvited guest to president obama's state dinner to the white house. bruce leshan is live in the newsroom with more on this latest development, bruce? >> reporter: yeah, lesli, they actually told the congressional hearing last month that they were the only white house gate crashers. but after going back and reviewing the security video at the same time the secret service was forced to admit that today, it was wrong. the salahis wielded their way into the white house by turning out there and insisting that they were suppose to be on the
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list. they have yet to unname the third uninvited guest to find another way in. and they befriended members of the area for them on the hotel, invited to the hotel by the state dinner. and they were under our responsibility. and that went from the local hotel to the white house. and there is a person that is not authorized to be in that group. to insert that for themselves and that group. >> the white house did not even know about that. >> the best selling author for them and that is a buy that broke this story. and he does not know the uninvited guest name. only that he was an african american man in a tuxedo. >> and this individual, they could have been an assassin. they could have been wanted for murder, involved with terror. that's the reason that you do the background checks. yet, they didn't know the background checks. >> the budget cuts, the political pressure, and the management in altitudes have left the president far less safe than he
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should be. and that this third gate crasher, that is just another warning of the dangers. >> and he did go through that time. >> and that's good. >> but still, he could have had the chemical weapons, the biological weapons. taking the knife off the table. and they say that the problem is not with the agents who were brave and dedicated and willing to take a bullet for the president. the problem is with the management of the secret service. and the agency says that they have changed procedures to better screen people escorted into the white house. and by the state department. >> all right, bruce. some airline passengers bound for the u.s. now faces the new security rules. the change has come as the obama administration is scrambling to review the nation's security after the botched christmas day bombing. and from now on, the airport security, they will pat them down departing from 14 different countries heading to america. and they include pakistan, yemen and iran. president obama is set to meet the top security advisors for
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them tomorrow. meanwhile, the power is back on at reagan international airport. they are still playing catchup after the hour-long outage. the problem caused flight delays from albuquerque to new york. audrey barnes, joining us live from the airport with the latest on the major ripple affect, audrey? >> the problem was with the safety valve and the electrical substation here on the north end of the ground. and it shut down the power here for about an hour. and grounding some flights and leaving other passengers in very long lines, wondering if they would make it to their destinations on time. >> it's a business trip. so of course, there will be consequences. >> he was one of hundreds of passengers who's flights were threatened by the power outages. a safety valve adding the electrical substation for them failing, to bring tickets and screening operations to a halt. and at least eight flights were delayed. the tower here, they were able to continue the operation on the generating powers so we do have the flights for them taking off during that hour. >> within an hour, service was
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restored. and the airport operations resumed. >> reporter: it looks like we're going to make it. >> they have launched an investigation swráurbgs to see what sparked the out an. it had is very unusual as you know. and we don't have this kind of problem for them at the airport. and now this is the second unexpected problem for them at reagan international airport in many weeks. last week, they had a pipe burst here and that caused some flooding. they are still cleaning up from that. and now this power outage, the tsa officials, they are looking into the cause of that as well. and lesli, back to you. >> all right, thank you for that. rescue teams, rather, they tried tiredlessly to save a young man from an icy car accident. only on nine. you'll hear from one of the people who pulled the victim from the water. >> i was telling them that the babies were coming. >> reporter: a 5-year-old girl being called a hero after a busy new year's day with the family. and topper? >> the wind not as strong as they have been. we'll take you out to the
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almanac. you can always find it on our website, officially here's what goes into the books. well below average as you might expect. 34 and 23. averaging 23 to 28. and record high, 73. that sounds nice. three below and they are down tonight. we'll come back and talk about the colder air. stay tuned. if i had to sit on a bench during the middle of a game
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with my bayer meter i don't miss valuable game time. i'm alana burns and staying in the game is my simple win. (announcer) the contour meter, only from bayer. time for a check of the evening rush. slow going for the beltway because of the accident. >> yeah, that's right. we're crashing them as you can see back here on the outer loop. and they are still blocking the center lane as you take a live shot here at the american legion. you can see where the delays are backed up to them barely moving here to the scene of the accident on the inner loop, also slowing out there from the
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dallas toll road. and let's hit them. 95 northbound as we check our traffic information center on that route as well. an earlier accident that is clear on route 110, still slow going on the beltway to the scene. 295 much better, moving right now at this hour. no incidents or accidents. back live outside, now 270 northbound, still moving a little slow here from the road to german town. after that, they are moving right out there and we're going to leave you as we fly over 50 eastbound. and let's go there. and no problems here people. they are moving out the speed. all the green cars are goodment but check out the wind warnings on the bay bridge. back to you. >> all right. if this weather makes you want to get away, think twice about using your frequent flier miles. and you will pay to use them. the website, air fare watchdog charts out fees that they will redeem for those miles. southwest airlines charges the least. but that chart shows delta acing among the worst airlines -- among the worst list. to see our full list, go on our
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website,, and click on living smart. coming up on 9news now. the first responders that are trying to save the young man from the street. but first, here is a preview of tonight's cbs evening commute. coming up, the new decade from the economy to the environment and on more. what is america doing now to meet the challenges ahead? we'll preview our network series where america stands. plus, despite the problem, the news poll finding a lot of optimism about the future. we'll have those stories and much more tonight only on the cbs evening news.
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coleman's life. >> they first needed to secure the car before they could begin to search for victims. >> and somebody could have been trapped. >> reporter: 20 minutes later, using tools and their bare hands, breaking the window to open up the door. >> when we pulled them out of the car, there was no pulse or effort to them to initiate that right away. and in route to the hospital. when the body enters thed cold water, that the body, that begins to shut the blood from the arm and the leg. and it will move that through the heart and the brain. and to allow a stronger rate. that's what we did. initiating all of them to follow on with the heated altitudes. and that fluid there.
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it drives your body 30 times greater than the cold air does. and within about 15 minutes or you're suffering significant health issues. >> and the medical examiner, they have not ruled that out there. live in the information center, i'm ar ar. >> all right. taking a quick look at news between the nation. and in las vegas, the gunman that shot two officers inside the federal building is now dead. and officials, nay say that man shot a u.s. marshall and a court security officer. they fired back, killing the suspect. the motive for the shootout has not been released. an indiana father, they will face a judge this week. accused of passing out and leaving his son children in a car. and officers, they found the one, two, and 5-year-old kids alone inside the running cars on new year's day.
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it was 15 degrees outside. that man has passed out drunk. before they came out on new year's day, when they sprung into action. and she gave her mom the phone and than ran next door for help. emergency crews, they arrived. time to get mom to the hospital. and they are all doing fine. that's a remarkable little girl. >> yes. >> that's pretty cool. >> she is. >> speaking of pretty cool. >> yeah, i mean, it got about freezing. but that is almost 10 degrees below average. i'll tell you what, it'll get colder. >> yes, i'll warn you about that until you're tired of hearing it. the first thing first, right out of the gates. we're kind of stuck in the mid-30s for a while. and pretty cold for them. mid-30s for tomorrow. still breezy. clouds come in on wednesday and still a little breezy.
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and with the flurries possible. where the snow showers are possible for them on thursday night where it will be dry during the day on thursday. but again, the cold weather tips. they are on the air. so you should have already done some of that stuff. but drain your hoes. and you know, as long as you don't have a fire going. and i still use this even though that the kids are big now. they keep them from going out there to the electrical outlets. of course, close your dry area. anything you can do to keep that warmer helps. tonight, mostly cloudy, breezy, cold. a few flurries. lows tonight, again, between the clouds and the winds, the temperature is pretty closely bunched. so 20 at great falls and 25 at olds town. that's pretty closely out there. when they were to die down, we could clear out to see that out there. across the board, 23 at silver springs. and about 21 in upper marlboro.
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and for lows, currently 30 downtown. we're 28 a manassas and 29 at quantico. again, that's pretty cold. what you have to worry about is the temperatures you feel. so it feels like it's 17 at manassas. feeling like it's 19 at national. and 20 already in frederick. and tomorrow morning, windchills in the single tkeupblts. partly cloudy, 20s and 30s. by the afternoon, partly cloudy. windy again tomorrow. not crazy windy like it was over the weekend. but the wind are northwest. and at 10 to 20. and the winds, they will hang on tomorrow. they have been extended through tomorrow. next seven days, mid-30s on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, dry during the day. as the boundary comes in here, guaranteed to see at least the snow flurries. maybe a little bit of the accumulating snow for them late
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thursday night into early friday. the temperatures just fall. upper 20s for the highs on friday. mid-20s on saturday. low 20s on sunday. that's a lot of sunshine. maybe a flurry on monday. that's not a storm. but the temperatures in the upper 20s. so get ready. >> all right, we're getting ready. the skins want to try to turn their franchise around. about 234 hours, let's check that with brett haber who is at redskins park. lesli foster, they believe they got rid of the problem to find the solution all in the same day. and jim zorn's departure, leading apparently to mike shanahan's arrival. our around-the-clock team coverage of the redskins coaching change of 2010. kopbtding live right after this.
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and welcome back to redskins park, everybody, alongside sarah walsh. the reason that jim zorn got the redskins head coaching job two years ago is that really no
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other big fish in the coaching sea wanted to get that back there. >> they are not going to make that mistake twice. because it appears he's on the verge of perhaps landing the biggest fish out there. >> yeah, dan, he has done it this time. mike shanahan, the 57-year-old, the former coach of the broncos and the raiders, poised to become the new head coach here. and landing here tonight, on board their plane. an introduction that is in the works for tomorrow. and shanahan, he started as an assistant to dan reeves back in the early 80s. going onto exceed them in denver as the head coach. winning back-to-back super bowls. and staying with the broncos for 14 seasons. and he has a son and two daughters. and first class nfl pedigree. and they would command the immediate respect of the players of the far flung and often disjointed locker room. and players today, obviously they were speaking out a little more candidly. they stress, needing someone to come in. and instill a sense of discipline. something they believe that was lacking the season.
6:27 pm
the perception is if he were to come in, he would have more authority to control the team. right now, many red skáeupb players are doing their research. >> it's hard for you guys to play for me. and it is nothing but high reguards for them. we'll see it. >> obviously when you win for them and they have that great ability to leave them there. >> reporter: and meanwhile, the multipresident reports tonight, to say that shanahan is coming and the offensive coordinator of the texans. and the texans coach, they are prepared. to lose their offensive coordinator. and also, the cincinnati defensive coordinator, they have been tagged to take over that job here. of course, the frenzy and the excitement over the pending hire of mike. and it seems like the jim zorn era has been filed away in the redskins archive. and many hope never to be seen again. and jim zorn, they got the news of their firing at about 2:30 this morning after the team got back from san diego. and he received the news of
6:28 pm
his firing, backed up his por sha suv to get out -- portia suv to get out there and the controversy, gm bruce allen talked about the decision to let zorn go. >> last place, two year it is in a row, not redskins football. and today, we can start building the foundation which can make it successful in the future. we'll make sure that the status quo is gone. and right now, the focus is finding that we need the head coach. >> and zorn, they did not speak publicly today. but they sent this e-mail to peggy fox. i have so many calls that i'm going to try. one interview with many reporters that will be more efficient due to everyone that wants me to make a statement on trying to work on it to take care of them. and one very notable player that did not make a statement. the quarterback, jason campbell, the own future here it in washington. and that is an entirely secure man, jason just wrapping up the final season of their contract
6:29 pm
at the career high for 20 touchdowns. 3600 passing yards to get 15 interceptions while completing 65% of those passes. and he is entering the unknown this offseason. >> one thing about the nfl, you never know how long it's going to last. you never know where you're going to be at. and you always need to be prepared. it p-rz and to know where you're going to have to help. >> obviously, the future is in the hands of the new head coach. >> and he's the guy that has made the quarterback before and jake cut her and all guys that have worked with mike shanahan. and new coach, coming when they will make it official. until then for sarah walsh, i'm brett haber. live at redskins park. back to you. >> thank you, both. that's it for us. it'll be chilly. >> not very cold. and they are walking out the door already. coming up too. >> that's it for us. the cbs evening news with katie couric is next. we'll see you for the areas and the only local newscast at 7. and then don't forget,


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